The Negative Consequences Of Dropping Out Of Highschool

Dropping out of highschool is something that almost everyone has thought about. Maybe some of us more seriously than others. The reason we may have thought about it maybe because it was too much work and it was too stressful, you had a kid during highschool and you must take care of your baby, or you just don’t even like to be at school. What you need to do is toughen up and stick through it. Your life will be so much better off if you graduate from high school. Nationally, 68 percent of state prison inmates are high school dropouts(In Text Citation). Out of the 2,418,352, there were in 2008, almost 70 percent of them dropped out of highschool. That means 1,692,846 of them didn’t graduate high school and look where they ended up. Let’s …show more content…
He dropped out of highschool and got his GED. He worked his tail off his whole life to be where he is at today. He now makes roughly $70,000 a year. This didn’t come easily though. There was times when he was younger that he wasn’t able to live paycheck to paycheck things just costed too much. He never gave up and kept working his tail off. He knew that dropping out was a terrible idea but he had done it and now he has to deal with the consequences. He has had many jobs and has met many people and gained a crap ton of knowledge from all of the jobs he has had. When he was 16 to 18 he worked at two fast food places working as much as he could. He also did side jobs like fixing almost anything with a motor because that 's what him and his grandpa did all the time. He now works at the maintenance manager of Pioneer in Toledo, Iowa. With all his past experience from his other jobs he was able to catch on quick. He had to work his way all the way up to that position for 6 years. He has done every job that he is now the boss of. The thing with my dad is that he works harder than anyone I have ever seen. When we lived in Oklahoma he worked for a company and the last day of work there, before we moved back to Iowa, I went with him and his boss said to me in front of like 30 other people that my dad is a great man, he worked his tail off for this company and went beyond and above what I could of asked from him. Always be thankful for him and if you learn anything from him learn to work just as hard as he does at everything in life and you will be a very successful man. This was when I was 10 and it never meant anything to me then but it does now. If you drop out of school you are going to have to work your tail off and be tired as hell sometimes. It can be done but know life is going to be so much rougher right of the

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