Narrative Essay On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Do people even try to understand?

The monotonous clicking of footsteps rang in my ears as I sat on my isolated park bench.
The anonymous owners of those steps have no idea what I’ve been through. Do they even want to know? The remark “I could never imagine what you’ve been through” (Klay, P.) repeated itself with each clicking step, like a broken record.

I felt so alone.

It was another one of those days; one where my mind is enshrouded with my tragic past. I was stuck in my horrific memories that happened ages ago but felt like only happened yesterday. The daily struggle of having experienced something that no one can understand slowly destroys the superficial cage covering my emotions. My conscience shakes in the fear that I will fall
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Listen, I have a question to ask you. You know how I work for Oculus Rift right? Well I was just given a new project that I would love for you to help with. We’re creating a Virtual Reality experience of Night, by Elie Wiesel, and since you had a...similar experience, I was hoping you would like to help and give input on it.”

“Virtual reality experience?”

“Yes, it’s when you can become completely immersed in a three-dimensional virtual world, it makes it feel like you’re there but involves less struggle and labor. We just made a new immersion rig so people will be able to touch and feel things as well as hear and see in the game so it’ll become even more realistic...”

His words became an incoherent mumble. My mind had forgotten how to form words.

This was the answer.

This was the exact solution to the problem I struggled with practically my whole life. People could finally understand my past, and other survivors including myself would no longer be alone. “My soul had been invaded-and devoured-by a black flame” but now was filled with clear water (Wiesel, 37). I’ve read the book Night, and all of the scenes depicted were painfully accurate. If they made this book into something anybody could experience? The world would be impacted for the
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households’ play them (How Much Do You….). Since virtual reality systems are about to become a popular gaming option, just imagine how many people a simulation like this would impact….”

My mind got distracted by happiness, knowing that some of the people passing by me would finally understand my memories.

“...the fact that virtual reality is becoming cheaper to make and to buy will also add into the amount of people impacted by an experience of the Holocaust. A majority of gamers are aged 18-49 (How Much Do You….), an age where viewing the Holocaust in this way would be more impactful than if it was shown to a child who knows nothing about it.” My grandchildren would only ever have to understand a genocide through an accurate recreation rather than ever having to experience it first-hand. A simulation like this could prevent future genocides from occurring ever again.

“....virtual reality is also becoming a “hot topic” and a simplified version of it, 360-degree videos, are becoming more popular. A company even saw that 360-degree videos had ‘a 36% higher view-through rate than standard videos’ (Boland, M.)

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