Argumentative Essay : Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving has become an epidemic in South Dakota and many other states, causing countless preventable deaths and a lifetime of consequences for one poor decision. Teens need to be reached early in the process of their driving education because if healthy driving habits are established early, driving safe will become natural and the culture of driving without distractions will be normal. Instead, the current culture of multi-tasking while driving is considered an average day behind the wheel. In order to decrease the amount of drinking and driving, more programs should be established that encourage people who have been drinking to ride passenger, such as Uber or public transportation. There should also be more police checkpoints to monitor if people are drinking and driving, inducing a fear of getting caught. To decrease the amount of texting and driving, stricter laws should be put in place that do not allow people to be handling their phone. It is obvious to catch someone who is looking down at their phone instead of at the road, so making the consequences that can be enforced across the nation will discourage people from doing it. Forcing young adults to wear a seatbelt may prove a little more difficult because strict rules are already in place, but emphasizing the importance and safety of seatbelts will be vital to altering the culture.

Drinking and Driving Interventions

What is going to make young adults stop drinking and driving? An article called Towards a…

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