Argumentative Essay Cheating

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Have you ever cheated on a quiz, or an exam? Some people claim that a person have at least cheated once in their life. Charles, a reliant student, didn’t seem to care for his upcoming exams. For the past week, he was just playing endless computer games, having an all-nighter not with books but with Facebook, and the list goes on. Charles said that he was just going to ask answers from his best friend on the examination day. Students, degree-holders, professors, or even senators unsurprisingly cheat – at least once in their life. Others claim that cheating is bad because it’s simply taking away the idea and effort of others. Some argue that cheating is acceptable because it could boost a student’s success in school. But the truth is, cheating …show more content…
It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation (
Elisea Jose, a 64-year old illustrator at the education ministry’s information and publication division notes that codigo-making was already rampant during his school days in the late 30’s (Anonymous, 1987) Up to this date, cheating was not vanished. Unfortunately, it can’t be vanished. The students’ need for self-approval and self-recognition is always there. They will always find a way to make this happen. And the easiest way in getting something is by cheating. But the question is, will students learn? Will their conscience be clean?
A common view is that cheaters know that cheating is prohibited yet they still do it anyway thus breaking the rules. Reason? Simple! Because they didn’t study at all! Preparing for a test in school is critical if you want to pass it. Cheating are those who have no knowledge of what they’re answering or doing during a test. Some people say that studying is a waste of time, due to the mindset that they would never get the point of what they are reading. Truth be told, studying actually pays off. How? If a person gets a perfect score on a test, and you asks if he studied or not. Do you expect, a yes or no? There are only two reasons how to get a perfect score. One, if you studied for
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Teachers do their best to share what they learned to students like us. They work hard to recall their lessons, and to teach them well to their students. In order for students to show their respects on the effort of the teacher, is to study what they are taught. If students would just be cheating on the time of the test. Deep inside you would feel stressed out of what you did. You might be happy of the score cheating brought you, but you will forever be depressed by guilt because of what you’ve done (
Why do students have the urge to cheat in the first place? Simple. They didn’t study for the upcoming test. If student would just study, and learn the right way. They wouldn’t have to cheat in the first place. Learning how to be a student, is one way of learning how to cope with your studies. A proper student, wouldn’t even have the mindset to

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