Argumentative Essay : ' Allies Against Sexism

1400 Words Nov 16th, 2015 6 Pages
At first when the professor mentioned in the beginning of the semester that we would have to write a paper highlighting our growth, I was skeptical with how much one could grow in a single semester. If anything I thought that one might grow but not significantly that it is so obvious. I was quite mistaken of course, and found myself reflecting on real growth.
One that stands out to me is when I looked for a sexism article. I found myself looking for articles telling me what I wanted to hear. When I caught myself doing this, I quickly found one that told me something I had never considered. With that said, the article I came across was, “Allies Against Sexism: The Role of Men in Confronting Sexism”, and what I ultimately took away from this enlightening article was, if one confronts an –ism or something negative, especially if is not in their best interest to do so, it says so much more and is more powerful than if one is trying to make change being from the same group that is being oppressed. Essentially it is less taxing and more effective for change, just like men who are allies of sexism have a lot more power than women trying to make awareness (Drury & Kaiser 2014.)
The course of this class has allowed me to do a significant amount of self-reflection and allowed me to weed out my biases. One of the most influential class activities was when we all put our guard down and allowed ourselves to be each other’s allies. We peered into each other’s lives. I want to believe…

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