Argumentative Essay Against Death Penalty

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Imagine a place where the whole society would run on the concept of an eye for an eye. Some people might think that it is fair and people deserve to be treated the way they treat others, but really, let us think about it carefully. Would you retaliate against a person who stole something from you? Would you ask the government to rape a convicted rapist? When it comes to vengeance in the case of theft or rape, people do not exactly want an eye for an eye. They think putting the convicted criminal in prison is acceptable for a rape or robbery, but why do they think that the death penalty is the only reasonable punishment for a convicted murderer? Why does life imprisonment not work in a murder case? In this essay, I am going to argue that the death penalty should be abolished because it does not eliminate heinous crimes.
Over the years, the death penalty has been a topic of many arguments. This issue is highly controversial. People have disagreed with one another on it. They have used artwork, speeches, pamphlets, and posters to show their feelings. And, It is time to undo it, an anti-death
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There are other ways for a criminal to re-habilitate and change. I believe if the criminal is given a chance, they have the capability to improve. In addition to this, people have the misconception that life imprisonment is more expensive than execution. The fact sheet shows that “enforcing the death penalty costs Florida $51 million a year above what it would cost to punish all first-degree murderers with life in prison without parole (FactSheet, 4).” Moreover, there are some people who know this fact, but are still ready to spend more money to execute people. They think that revenge is more important than finding the root of crime and trying to prevent

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