Argumentative Essay Against Animal Testing

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STOP, in the name of the paw! It is not a new concept that humans find themselves to be the superior species on this planet. Our intelligence and capabilities allow us to fall into a sense of self-righteousness. However, there are indeed other forms of life here on Earth that are able to experience emotions and show signs of intelligence. These animals, mostly mammals, are often looked at as being creatures for human use in any way that seems fit. They are hunted, poached, neglected, abused, and even used in harmful science experiments. I have found that the most haunting fact is that people continue to disregard the rights of animals despite their acknowledgement of those animals’ ability to feel and understand emotions. There are little to no consequences for people who commit crimes against animals and this should be seen as an outrage. It is a cry against all the laws of ethics to simply disregard and …show more content…
Animal testing has been successful in certain circumstances in the past. It has aided in vaccine development and overall product safety testing. In recent years however the pros of animal testing are far outweighed by the negative affect it has had on our society. In Tom Regan’s book, Animal Rights Human Wrongs, he calls attention to the fact, “if animals have rights of the sort mentioned (the rights to bodily integrity and to life, for example), then the way they are treated on farms and in biomedical research violates their rights, is wrong, and should be stopped, no matter how much humans have benefited from these practices in the past or how much we might benefit from having them continue in the future” (Regan par. 20). Therefore, even with the positive side of animal testing, it is undoubtedly still recognized as animal abuse and neglect and should be regulated and punished as

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