Argumentative Essay About Video Game Addiction

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Imagine you and your friends make plans for the weekend to watch a movie together. Everyone comes except one person. You try to get a hold of him to see where he is at but he does not respond to his cell phone. So you accept the fact he is not coming. The next day you ask him “Why did you not come” and he says “I was busy doing other stuff”. Turns out your friend was playing Fortnite all day and all night sitting at his computer.
Video Game Addiction is rather a new topic going on in today’s modern society. It has been debated whether or not someone can truly be addicted to Video Games. It may seem like a simple problem that can be fixed but in reality, for some people, Video Games can replace their entire lives.
Fortnite is an MMORPG, which
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In 2005 a South korean gamer was found dead in an Internet cafe due to playing for more than 50 hours straight. I for one don't think video games are worth dying for.
So you may ask how can someone realize they are suffering from Video Game Addiction According to research by Douglas Gentile, roughly 8.5% percent of children who play video games in the United States are addicted. To the World Health Organization, video game addiction is considered a mental disorder. Just being someone who plays a lot of games does not mean you suffer from this disorder. In order for it to be a disorder, it has to interfere with your daily activities and relationships with your friends, families, and peers such as with Ryan van
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This can be like not hanging out with friends in order to play games. A physical symptom that can happen due to video game addiction is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a condition that causes pain and numbness in the hands and wrists. They can also experience dry eyes, headaches, back and neck aches, and a significant loss or gain in weight. Some video games can cause financial problems such as in World of Warcraft you have to pay a monthly fee of 15 dollars to play it. League of Legends which is a free to play game allows its players to buy skins for their characters which have no benefits except changing the way the character looks. I for one am guilty of purchasing one of these skins. However, buying many of these skins can cause you to spend over a thousand dollars just as my close friend has once done. Let me remind you this was for a game that is a free to play. One reason Video Games can become really addictive is because they are designed to be that way. To video game developers they do this so their game can make a profit. During 2016 it was estimated that World of Warcraft has earned more than $9.23 billion in revenue since its launch in 2004. Another thing is World of Warcraft has no end to it, every year they come out with a new expansion that adds more to the game world and more levels that you can achieve. As Ryan Van Cleave said "There was always something better and

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