Argumentative Essay About Native Americans

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First things first

The U.S. was built on land taken from the Indian nations and indigenous peoples across the country are still living with the reality of dispossession. Can America really be the home of the free? Take a minute and imagine if the United States Federal Government was in charge of all your best interests. Now picture every important decision you make needed approval, and several approvals coming with colossal regulations. Imagine there’s even an organization set up to look after your affairs. You wouldn’t be so thrilled, would you?

How well would you believe this system to work? Well, how about we just ask the Native Americans.

Here in the 21st century, it’s under the huge assumption that Native Americans can’t manage their
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In 1995, they released the beautifully aesthetic film, Pocahontas. The animated movie followed the Powhatan Tribe based out of Virginia. The tribe was invaded by Governor Ratcliffe and English settlers who ripped up the earth in search of gold.

Pocahontas, the curious main protagonist, starts on a quest to find her path. She begins stalking the white men who came ashore until she runs into John Smith. During one scene, Pocahontas and John Smith are down by the water. John talks about London, all of the buildings, roads, and bridges. Pocahontas is completely entranced and tells him she wants to see those things. He assures her that she eventually will because he will teach her tribe “how to use the land properly and make the most of it”. This idea is nothing new. Still, to this day, the United States strongly believes that people that were settled here first can’t manage their own
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Reservations are plots of land placed far from civilization. Most reservations have no Wi-Fi or access to electricity. How long would you be able to last without your phone? The land is otherwise deemed undesirable. Why would anyone want this land? The answer is natural resources. The United States has broken treaties in order to have access to them. This just displays how Native Americans have few rights and little say in defending themselves.

The Sioux Tribe of North Dakota recently learned that a pipeline is going be built under their ancestral land in order to transport oil. The USACE-The Federal Government branch in charge of the nation 's waterways, claim, “The pipeline is a more direct, cost-effective, safer, and environmentally responsible way to transport crude oil.” How would you feel if the town you lived in decided to build a pipeline under your house? Not too happy I presume. The tribe fears for the destruction of their sacred ceremonial land how it will impact their daily lives.

Above all, those affected this time are not just Native Americans, but some of the most persecuted and forgotten of the Native American

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