My Mom Definetaly: The Largest Role Model

She is loving, caring, and wonderful. She has always been so hard working and strong. Out of everyone in this world, I can say my mother is the biggest role model I’ll ever have. My mom definetaly had a different experience in high school than I do today which is why I chose to interview her for this assignment. Ever since she was a little girl, obstacle after obstacle was thrown at her, but that didn’t stop her; it only made her try harder and keep moving forward. According to my mom, she didn’t have anyone to look up to and say, “I want to be like them when I grow up.” Her words made me think about what it would be like to have absolutely no one to push me to do my best and make me want to be a great person. My mom didn’t have the same opportunities that I …show more content…
One of them being, how some of us are more fortunate than others to have the support and encouragement we need from the most important people in our life. I asked if not growing up with her mom affected her, but she replied to me with a simple “no.” Putting myself in her shoes, I would be heartbroken to not have my mother or father to share my success with. I learned that having an education has a big impact on your whole life. Having a career shapes your life and the decisions you make. As I mentioned earlier in my essay, my mom told me what would’ve been of her life if she had continued to study.
My mom is a strong and independent woman who works really hard day by day. She is a true role model for my brothers and I. There are many things yet to learn from her and her experiences in Mexico as a high school student. Compared to me, she lived a life with more obstacles to overcome and in the end they only made her the amazing woman she is today. I hope to make her proud and be able to accomplish the dreams she wasn’t able to achieve. I have a lot more opportunities and resources that I can take advantage of in order to strive toward greatness in this

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