Why Lgbt Should Be Illegal

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If I could change one thing about the world, I would make homosexuality illegal. I don’t think that LGBT community should be able to get married to their significant other. I find it disgusting and think it should not be okay. I believe that it should be Adam and Eve. It shouldn’t be Adam and John or Eve and Mary. I also think that you should not be able to change your gender. You were born the gender you were for a reason, and you shouldn’t be able to change that.
People may think that I’m bad person because of my feelings towards the LGBT community, but I’ve had things happen in my life that make me think the way I do. Nobody has to agree with me, I’m just expressing my opinion.
About two and a half years ago my mom cheated on my dad and
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I matched all the puzzle pieces together and came to the conclusion that my mom cheated on my dad with this lady. My mom wouldn’t have married my dad, then leave and date Pamela the next day. She had to have been talking to her way before. My dad told me that they Pamela and my mom dated in high school. I was shocked. How could someone go from liking girls to liking guys and then back to the same girl she was with in high school after four kids and 16 years of marriage. Nothing made sense to me and nothing ever will. Last summer got even more hectic. My mom decided she thought it would be a great idea to get married to Pamela. My sisters and I had to go, even though we didn’t want to. I cried through the whole wedding and couldn’t stop. For me it was not a very happy wedding. It was very awkward for me to attend. My mom knew I didn’t like Pamela and never will.

My dad never expected this day to happen because the woman he knew would have never done this, and she did. She didn’t just leave my dad hanging, but she took off without my sisters and me. My sisters and I all live with my dad now and everything is working out well. My past experience is exactly why I think it should be illegal for the LGBT community to get married to their significant other. I have uncles, aunts and my mom that are part of that community. I don’t dislike them, I just don’t agree with their sexuality. I feel it is not okay and I have very strong feelings toward my

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