Argumentative Essay About Immigration

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Many immigrants come to the United States with hopes of a brighter future. They come from all over the world. When new immigrants come, they may not know the English language as well, so they try to learn. When they come to the United States, they learn more than just the English language, they learn what it means to be an American. Whether the immigrants are illegal or not, they learn about the values and hardships of what it means to be an American.
Gaining a better future financially is the top reason why people immigrate to another country. Immigrants want to achieve a status where they are financially stable. They may see that better-suiting jobs are available in another country with better pay than they are being paid. If that job has all of the qualities that they want, they will be willing to immigrate to another country. Immigrants immigrate to another country because they want to start over in the financial situation that they were in.
Another reason why immigrants go to live in another country is to get a better standard of living. They want to increase their standard of living because they are poor and want to obtain a better lifestyle. Giving their children their best chance in another country, parents
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Refugees are someone who has escaped their country to escape war, persecution, or natural disasters. Asylees are someone who is seeking or has been granted political security. Even though refugees and asylees seem like they are the same thing, they do have differences. Refugees can submit their application outside of the US where they are considered for resettlement. Asylees can physically submit their application or are at a port of entry to the US. Asylees can also submit their application through a US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) asylum officer or with an immigration judge with the removal of a

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