Pros And Cons Of Immigration In The Usa

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Immigration in USA
The US is considered the promised land and the land of opportunity. It is also the world’s biggest economy, this is one of the many reasons people choose to relocate their lives to America. Immigration is when people from a country move to another country, ex. USA. There are many reasons for immigrants to move from their home country, they often move because of war, or religious persecution. Others simply move because they can get a higher paycheck, than in their home country. They send money home to their families, and therefore these kinds of immigrants often work and stay in a country illegally. In 2012 in the US there is a total of 22,1 million noncitizens, and 13,3 million of these people are legal and 11,3 million
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Then again, why is it that the citizens are so afraid of the immigrants coming to the US? The US would not be the same if it were not for the immigrants and different cultures coming together.

Immigration in the US has caused a lot of debate. People are very divided in their opinions, as some see pros to the immigration and some see cons. Barack Obama mentioned in his speech that it is both an advantage but at the same time a disadvantage for the US to have immigrants coming into the country. If the immigrants are willing to contribute to society they are more than welcome, but they should not be allowed in the country to provide cheaper labour etc. US citizens do not despise immigrants who contribute to improve society for all, an example of this is Albert Einstein, whom Barack Obama also mentioned in his speech. There are some pros and cons of the immigration in America. One of the pros is the cultural exchange. American citizens have the opportunity to become knowledgeable about other countries and the values they have. They get a different input then their own American ways. This gives the US an opportunity to get to know other cultures, and therefore improve

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