Depression Therapy Research Paper

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When kids are young they may live with the horrifying fear that there are monsters under their bed or in their closet. Unfortunately, for many children and adolescents the monster is not living in their closet or under their bed, and they probably wish it were. For many people, the monster is not just there when they go to bed, but instead it is inside them and it never goes away. This darkness is much worse than a monster and it goes by the name of depression. The constant inner battle of depression is not something people with depression can just shrug off. People can also no longer pretend it is not a real struggle many people all over the world are dealing with each and every day. According to an article done by Screening for Mental Health, …show more content…
Psychologists believe that some types of therapy may be more helpful long term than antidepressants. Instead of relying heavily on drugs and medication to help depression, there may be a more beneficial way to resolve inner depression. Psychologists often refer to this as psychotherapy. This is simply talking one on one with a psychologist about yourself and they simply lend a listening ear and can offer helpful advice to the individual. According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance states that psychotherapy can help, “Understand your illness, define and reach wellness goals, overcome fears or insecurities, cope with stress, make sense of past traumatic experiences, separate your true personality from the mood swings caused by your illness, identify triggers that may worsen your symptoms, improve relationships with family and friends, establish a stable, dependable routine, develop a plan for coping with crises, understand why things bother you and what you can do about them and end destructive habits such as drinking, using drugs, overspending or unhealthy sex” (“Psychotherapy” 1). Having a session weekly with a psychologist could, in the long run, help the overall mental health of the patient and give someone the opportunity to be more mentally healthy than ever before. Also, understanding what kind of therapy to take could be very important to the improvement of the patient 's health. According to an article, “Behavioral therapy concentrates on your actions; cognitive therapy focuses on your thoughts; and interpersonal therapy looks at your relationships with others” (“Psychotherapy” 1). There are many different types of therapies that all focus on different things involving the mental health, understanding what the individual is struggling with and getting the right kind of therapy could make miles of improvement upon the alternative of antidepressants. While many types of

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