Argumentative Essay About Death And Death

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Constructive Argument
Generally the thoughts of death are taboo and death is seen as a terrible part of life. Most people fear death as it brings an uncertainty—both for what is to come after life and for how death will occur. An individual who has a terminal illness faces the questions surrounding death as doctors state that this person does not have long to live. While this person suffers through an immense amount of physical and psychological pain, doctors are required to keep the individual alive. In many cases when people are terminally ill and close to death, doctors go to extremes to keep them alive; even if it means keeping them alive artificially. When a physician cannot relieve extreme pain and suffering in a patient, and a patient’s symptoms continue to grow worse, there comes a point where society must recognize the limitations of medicine. What should we do when patients believe treatment to keep them alive is more harmful than death? Doctors must recognize that not all pain is treatable (no matter how much morphine is present) and that hospices are not always in the best interest of patients when a hope for recovery is gone. Bioethicist Peter Singer states, “Much of modern medicine prolongs not living but dying,” (Singer, NPR, 2014). When pain is unbearable for decades and nothing offered by medicine is helping, it must be recognized that assisted-suicide or regulated legal suicide, is appropriate for allowing terminally-ill patients the right to their…

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