Competitive Eating Persuasive Speech

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Does puking and eating your puke sound like fun! This happens often in the world of competitive eating. I believe that we should ban competitive eating. Some may say that the sport is a funny thing to watch and is worth money, However, they do not consider the health issues that come with this sport. I believe that we should ban competitive eating because of these three reasons, which are the health risks, death, wasting food, and overall deaths that can come with participating in the competition. Read on to see why we need to ban this horrible sport.

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, there are a series of many health risks and problems that come along with being a competitive eater. One of the Health risks includes obesity.
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In this sport, the competitours gorge themselves in food. While 805 million people are going hungry on a daily basis. IN some cases this sport can literally kill people. I believe this because not only in the text did it say that 805 million people are going hungry, but because so many people are going hungry, the competitors are literally eating unnecessary food that is critical to survival for another person without food. This sport is just wasting life-saving food for other people entertainment. This sport sends a terrible message. This message is pretty much that if you eat as much food as possible as quick as possible you may just get the chance to go be on television or be famous. This could also lead to some serious overweight issues. For instance, did you know that nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight? Some of these cases are from competitive eating, or from watching the sport which encourages people of all ages to start participating in this “fun” competition. So this leads me to believe that stopping this competition is critical because it is not only killing people, but it is causing a large amount of Americans to become overweight. This is also why we need to ban this

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