Argumentation Essay: Why Are Abortions Wrong?

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I am going to start with is why people think abortions are okay Some people do not stop and think that they are taking a life! Instead they need to grow up and take responsibility of there child and be a parent! Also if you think your too young to have a baby or have other reasons why should you put the child up for adoption instead of killing such an incent baby that can’t do anything about it! Here are some of the percentage of abortions! 24% of People that are pregnant have abortions. 19% Teenagers have abortions and 33% of women in their 20-24 have abortions. 11% of all abortions in the U.S are performed in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy the baby is already developed. I think there should defiantly be a …show more content…
They will try to talk you out of it. There is a baby’s life gone every single day because of abortions. Which I think is very cruel and uncalled for. I think that it should be against the law. And counted for murder because it is pretty much the same thing as murder. Especially when you do it in the second or third trimester I don’t think that you should even be able to get one when you are that far along anyways. Now that should be accounted for murder because the baby is pretty much developed it is growing hair by that time. Abortion destroys most families. Because most family members do not believe in it they think it’s an evil thing to do. And they do not approve some family members will despise that person for doing such an awful thing but some people go behind there familes back because they know that wouldn’t approve and do it anyways and no one would know. But also if you have one then that’s a guilt that you have to deal with for the rest of your life because something like that is not

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