Argument Paper About Sexual Abuse

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Ke’Asia Hicks
Professor Robin
English 1102
11 March 2013
How Therapy help Children Cope with Rape It is every child’s right to be safe and feel protected. Children who are victimized through sexual abuse often begin to develop deeply held beliefs that shape their sense of self. They can sometimes feel confused and may often contemplate things such as: “My worth is my sexuality.” “I'm dirty and shameful.” “I have no right to my own physical boundaries.” These are just a few examples of the atrocious thoughts that run through the mind of a sexual abuse victim. It does not take long for children to begin to act in accordance with these belief systems. For children who have experienced sexual abuse or rape, the boundaries between
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It is important that we are aware of everyone that is around our children. I understand that we cannot be there all day every day, but as a parent providing a safe and comfortable environment for a child can play a major role in prevention.

Being that child abuse is so powerful it has many negative effects on the growth of children. Psychological, emotional, and physical effects negatively tarnish the development of a child’s growth. Psychologically, sexually abused children are confused around issues of trust. These children may trust too little or trust too much. Hebert Stream a social worker and article author confirms that the experience with the perpetrator may cause them to trust people who will abuse them again. The abuse also may have the effect of mistakenly teaching these children that no one will keep them safe, tell them the truth, or do what they say. They also sometimes feel responsible for the abuse. They may feel they could have or should have stopped the abuse. They may be confused about the sexual abuse because it felt good physically (Stream465-467). Children often become sexually aroused after repeated abuse and perpetrators use this to reinforce the idea that “they asked for it.” Not only do children feel responsible and have trust issues but they may have an altered, and distorted sense of themselves and their body and cognitive distortions or misunderstandings about the way the world works due to the abuse. These children frequently

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