Argument For Vaccinations As A Cause For Autism Essay

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Argument for Vaccinations
In recent years vaccinations have been a hot topic in the news, on social media, on parenting blogs, and on nationally televised talk shows. The rate in parents choosing not to vaccinate their children is rising at an alarming rate. There have been celebrities speaking out about the dangers of vaccines, with no medical research or education to support their argument, which has led to this increase in unvaccinated children. With the higher number of unvaccinated children and immigrants from undeveloped countries coming to the United States, without the proper vaccinations, we are seeing an increase in diseases once thought to be eliminated in the United States. Although some fear vaccinations as a cause for autism, in actuality there is scientific proof that these vaccines are not harmful.
In recent years there has been a decline in the number of parents vaccinating their children. In California for example, the rate of unvaccinated children in schools had doubled since 2007. At the beginning of this school year eight percent of the incoming kindergartners were unvaccinated, due to personal choice (Esquivel and Poindexter.08 Sept. 2014). There are a number reasons why parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children, fear of autism, and fear of vaccine injuries, also there are some parents who just do not want the government controlling what they must do when it comes to their children. In 2008, former playboy playmate, and MTV gameshow host…

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