Essay on Argument For Omnipotence And Divine Goodness

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Argument for Omnipotence and Divine Goodness Does God exist? A question that has raised so many questions and answers for years. To even consider someone with this title would need to hold omnipotence, omniscient, and omnibenevolent. Omnipotence means all powerful, omniscient is knowning of all things, and omnibenevolent means to be everywhere, at all times. The arguments for the paradox of omnipotence, omniscient, omnibenevolent is something people have discuss for years, however not all arguments are sound. The argument can start by stating that God is an omnipotence and omniscient but end with that he is not all good.
God can perform any action logically possible for someone to perform, I still do not find any issues thus far. We have been given a potentially possible statement and an idea possible for our minds to comprehend. However, I can see a problem. God can perform the action torturing an innocent baby for fun. Which, I am sure if God wanted to, he could. In this case, I am going to argue that free will takes the place of God doing this immoral action. To continue the argument, people may argue God cannot perform the action of torturing an innocent baby. God can, but his ability to always choose good makes him perfect when it comes to choosing right from wrong. Therefore, God is not both omnipotent and perfectly morally good. This statement is wrong because it is possible for God to be both, perfect and omnipotent , even in this circumstance. God is completely…

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