Paley's Design Argument Analysis

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Introduction to Philosophy Paper 1
The world is full of wonders that leave us in complete awe from natural beauties to the complexity of humans. Although one could potentially deny the status of such as a wonder, it would be a weak argument as even scientists today are left speechless about many natural events. According to William Paley, the world’s wonders are evidence that can lead to the belief in the existence of God through what was later known as the design argument (Paley 40).
Although it was developed in the 18th century, Paley’s argument for God through design is still supported now with further arguments of cosmic fine-tuning, as the world is in precise conditions for life, but has also received many criticisms by David Hume, as it is uses an analogy, with the new scientific research supporting evolution, and with the fallacies of probability with only a set of one world.
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In the same way, Paley argues that just as the watch discovered is assumed to have a watchmaker, the world also has a world-maker, who is able to design the world in its entirety, which we can title as God.
The basic premises in the design argument are: 1. There are wonders of nature: natural things with parts that function well together for a clear purpose.
2. The best explanation of that phenomenon is that God designed those

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