Pros And Cons Of High School Essay

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The main theme of the article was to try and convince doubtful people that no matter what condition one is currently dealing with, college is always a possibility. The article explains 10 different scenarios, which each contain an argument for college attendance.

Excuse 1 - The first paragraph argues that some students believe that since their family has never gone to college before, that they might be breaking some family tradition. The author then argues that “not going to college is the kind of family ‘tradition’ you should break” (2). We agree with the author’s point, but we also feel that the excuse itself is actually an extremely rare one. None of us have ever met somebody who feels this way, and we also believe that most people
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The author argues that even though grades may be an important factor in acceptance, that much more is taken into account when getting accepted into college. These may include letters of recommendation, extracurriculars, job experience, and talents in arts, music, or other fields. We agree that this is a fair point made by the author. “Grades should not define one’s character” (Tyler Lee). Colleges generally look for more valuable characteristics such as work ethic, honesty, and attitude. Even though grades and test scores are important, they are not the final deciding factor in regards to acceptance.

Excuse 3 - The third excuse discusses students that feel that they cannot afford college. He tries to make the point that there are many routes students can take to afford college, such as bonds, scholarships, grants, and federal aid. We all disagree with the author on this point. In this economy, people cannot just make huge financial decisions such as going to college. College debt is a serious issue for many people, and is not one that is easily solved. Many college grads must live with extreme debt, and might not even make enough to pay it

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