Argument Essay : Religion And Religion

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Argument Essay
Religion has repeatedly appeared throughout history as not only a catalyst and foundation of warfare but also in the mass murder of multitudinous amounts of innocents. "Anthropologists have gathered an estimated total of one-hundred ninety-five million and seventy-five thousand people murdered" in the name of a myriad of religions (Hartmann 184). The data from this fantastical number involved various religious sects located across the globe over the entire course of the recorded history of humanity.
Religions across the planet are compartmentalized in a taxonomic like system, categorized by varying topical stances, rituals, ceremonies, culture, and belief. Worldwide humanity currently has approximately 750 million distinguishable religions, many derivatives or denominations of the more commonplace world religions (Obermeyer 89). Religion at its essence is a set of doctrines a person has chosen to adhere their moral foundation upon. The differentiation of religious doctrines and practices establishes a volatile atmosphere that promotes instances of moral outrage between idealistically differing religions. When viewed on a small scale these existential conflictions between differing religious dedications is harmless, but on a larger scale such as the inevitable involvement in politics religion can be anything but harmless.
Recorded history from the 18th century provides information into the dynamics of early religion and its interactions with politicians and…

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