Argumentative Essay: Proving The Existence Of God

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Since I have born, I have seen everybody is talking about this Supreme Being, many call him creator of everything, some call him the most powerful and perfect being but everyone calls him god. Does he exists? Or no? God knows. This is a fact of our existence that he the God must exists and in order to satisfy myself, that I exists it is imperative to first prove the existence of my own creator. And being an atheist is as you are doubting your own existence. Than who is right? Everybody carries either of the opinion because there is only two options in this category. In my case god exists, because of my own existence, due to the nature itself, the big bang and because he should exist, and because of the science of human being itself, or everything is just a dream.

I am interested in this topic because proof of this topic is the proof of my own existence. My position in this topic in this time is the same as it will ever be, that is a positive position, or my own existence will be doubtful then. I would like to focus on infinite scientific proves and bring as much as I can into this topic. Everybody’s daily life is the only thing which will bring me closer to my position on this particular topic.
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Some are against the fact and many believe this fact. And almost everyone who believes in him, but don’t know how to explain the existence for this Supreme Being, they just believe it because a book said so? And most of the time due to their parents said so. Why science has to prove the existence of god? Yet by definition god is infinite but science is not. How a limited study can prove the existence of the infinite being? No it cannot, but it can bring the awareness in anyone who wants to prove the existence of the Supreme Being and the capability to use the common sense instead of, to follow

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