Argumentative Essay: The Death Penalty

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The death penalty is a hard subject to talk about, it is used in some of the federal prisons in the United States. The death penalty, also called “Capital Punishment”, is a sentence no one wants to hear, not even the bravest of criminals. I personally agree with the death penalty just because I believe in the famous quote written in the bible “an eye for an eye.” I believe that the death penalty is a good way to get rid of criminals who do heinous and brutal crimes. In addition, the death penalty is a good deterring factor to avoid serious crimes. The definition of capital punishment is “the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). To get a death penalty a criminal has to really do a disturbing crime, like the Orlando Massacre Shooting. I believe that this is a good way out because the state is getting rid of someone who doesn’t deserve to be alive. Statistics have shown that the death penalty can really bring peace to victims or the family members of the victim. The famous quote “an eye for an eye” simply means if …show more content…
In other words, something that is said to keep in your conscious that if you do this, this will happen to you. The death penalty or capital punishment has been said that it has deterred crime. Many individuals who are going to commit a crime can always have in their conscious that if they get caught it can mean the end of their lives so they choose not to do the crime. We put killers to death, and as a deterrent to others out there see what the price will be if they kill an innocent victim. Another reason why I believe in the death penalty is that it has many pros to it like: it serves justice if the punishment fits the crime, it holds the criminal responsible for his actions and it will stop the criminal from committing further crimes because he/she is

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