Argument Essay On Texting And Driving

One text,one second,one quick glance at the screen is all it takes for someone to get severely hurt and even killed.

I know texting and driving is dangerous and most people would agree that it 's dangerous but everytime I glance to the car next to me they always seem to have a phone in their hand.

Myself along with people that I have talked to would never drive drunk but won 't hesitate to pick up their phone when that text message ring goes off but according to AAA.

Text messaging while driving has even surpassed drunk driving as the #1 perceived threat to personal safety.” has texting while driving 6x more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk.

Despite all the dangers of texting and driving, I still do it.
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I even told one of my classmates that this was gonna be easy since the cones were set up in a U pattern and all we had to do was turn to one side slowly.

As I was glancing over at the traffic cones visualizing my gameplan CSO supervisor Miles persons and CSO Kendra Kirby gave us some words of wisdom.

“We all think Oh we are all experts at texting, I can text, I can drive, I can multi task. Well, statistics show that 's not the case as many students, teens and adults have died as a result of texting and driving,” CSO Kirby said.

I have not been in any accidents on the road so I didn 't really stop and think about what she said but thinking back to it she was describing people like me, people that think “This won 't happen to men, I can multitask.”

After watching some of my classmates attempt the simulation and fail, I was about to find out how good of a multitasker I really am.

With my confidence at an all time high, I grabbed the steering wheel with my left hand and began heading towards the cones.

I crossed the first set of cones and felt
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Those were moments in which I had 100% concentration on the road.

What if I were texting at those moments? I would have been in a collision going 80 mph which most likely would have left someone hurt or even killed.

I have been lucky to not have been in a car accident but others have not been so lucky.

“330,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving and out of teenage drivers 11 die everyday just from texting and driving,” according to

My golf cart driving was not even the worse. I saw some of my classmates completely run over multiple cones. It was so bad that they had to stop and back up so the CSOs could rip the cones out from underneath.

Yes they were cones but all I could see were bodies.

Kristina Angeles,19, a Comm 201 student who killed four cones and injured about two or three more was surprised on her driving during the simulation

“ I was very confident, i thought i was a really good texter and driver and then i got in the golf cart and completely different story, if this was real life i would be behind bars right now, you don 't want to spend the rest of your life just to send hey whatsup or hey let 's get lunch, not worth it” she

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