Pros And Cons Of An Ultimate Creator God

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An age old question that has been argued over for thousands of years, but still has no answer: do we have enough good reason to believe in an ultimate creator god? There are people very passionately on both sides, with many different reasons why they believe what they do. Personally, I believe that no, we do not have enough evidence and valid reasons to support that claim. Although there are some decent arguments, such as the Cosmological, First Cause Argument, there is nothing strong enough to convince me of an ultimate creator god. I started out skeptical, because that is the best way to determine if something truly exists. And, after looking at many main arguments arguing that god is the ultimate creator and only explanation for the universe, I have not found anything that has made me change my stance. As Baggini describes, …show more content…
I agree that the universe exists and that our version of the universe has not existed forever. However, there is not sufficient reasoning to conclude that it is impossible for something to just start or appear from nothing. As Davies explains, it may very well be possible for something to come out of nothing, we are just so unfamiliar with that concept in our everyday lives that we struggle to comprehend it. We also do not know what happened or existed before the big bang, and many physicists and theorists argue that it is in fact possible for the universe to have created itself. Even if we do assume that nothing cannot create something, that is not the same as saying that something can be created from nothing. There is clearly not enough sufficient evidence to assume that the second premise that nothing cannot create something is undeniably correct. Because of this, the second premise violates the principle of sufficient reason due to a lack of explanation and

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