Argument Essay About Abortion

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follow the abortion, many would question or change their choice. The world needs to take a step back and look at what is really happening with those who believe abortion to be the best option.
Many pop stars and artists have experienced the effects of abortion, “Nicki Minaj revealed that she had an abortion in high school. ‘I thought I was going to die,’ she said of her feeling at the time. ‘It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through...It has haunted me all my life.’” ("40 Brave Stars Who Went Public With Their Abortion Stories"). Other stars have told similar stories; very few of those celebrities feel good about their abortion(s). Most deeply regret it and become overwhelmed. The first-level regret leads to much more than regret.
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Parents who have children and adopt more, have mentioned the way their adopted child feels that they are sometimes loved differently. Some children who are adopted may feel that they are not loved as much as their sibling, but the parents do not feel any different about their children, they love them just the same. Children who normally feel less loved, only feel so until they reach an older age; the stage is only temporary, during a time of puberty when any child could feel unloved by a parent because of their emotional changes. The claim that adoption leads to low mental health for children is not reasonable, seeing that all children can experience the same feelings of being less loved than a …show more content…
Most research has been done at the wrong time all along. As we take a deeper look to understand what happens before an abortion, we can be certain that most women who have abortions go through struggles before abortion. A detailed, well-organized and controlled study done with the Center for Epidemiological Study Depression Scale obtained the following information about abortions, “Those who were younger had more depressive and anxiety symptoms, and those with some college or more had more stress symptoms than those with a high school education or less. Those having a medication abortion had more pre-abortion anxiety symptoms than those having a surgical abortion” (Steinburg). If the effects before adoption are so extreme, they need to be considered much more. Every abortion story is different: the reason for pregnancy, age of the women, method of abortion and other factors could maintain the mental health of a woman, but it could also gravely affect it.
After all the knowledge about abortion and its psychological effects we can understand that they do have negative effects on the mental health of women. It doesn’t only effect women before abortion, but also afterwards. Women will be overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and depression at some point during the process of

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