Argument Against The Gender Essentialist Claim About Women Essay

834 Words Jul 18th, 2015 4 Pages
I want to argue against the gender essentialist claim about “women being not able to make the clearest or the most logical decision”. The phrase has been used multiple of times to block women from climbing up the ladder to the most prestigious positions such as managerial positions in companies and representation in the community/party; thereby, such claim created the notorious glass ceiling for women, especially in those higher positions. As of 2014, only 26 women lead the companies listed in the Fortune 500 companies. It is little bit more than 5 percent of the list. As of 2015, there are little more than 100 women on the Congress of the United States, and they make up 19.4 percent of it. In contrast, certain countries such as Germany, Sweden, and Norway have significantly different statistics. Swedish political parties voluntarily established the gender quota system for representatives, and women occupy 44 percent of the Swedish Parliament (Quotaproject). Norway went even further and established a gender quota for private companies in the last decade: “40 percent of the seats on their corporate supervisory boards with women (Spiegel).” Even though it is criticizable that not many women are the CEOs of companies (Wall Street Journal) or it is involuntary, there is astounding difference of representation in the higher positions and researches are produced to support that those quotas led to trickling down empowerment (Spiegel). If those countries can do so, why are those…

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