Argument Against Seaworld

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“SeaWorld’s Treatment towards Their Animals.
Since the documentary, Blackfish, released the public have protested against SeaWorld and claim they abuse their Orca whales however SeaWorld says otherwise. Some of the people who disagree with SeaWorld are a part of PETA, which made a statement claiming SeaWorld injects their orcas with drugs that force them to do as their trainers command. SeaWorld defends their facility by releasing detailed information about how their killer whales are treated. SeaWorld provides information on how they treat their whales and PETA is persistent and is opposing to what SeaWorld is saying.
SeaWorld is known for having the largest killer whale population in a zoo facility worldwide; caring for 30 killer whales.
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SeaWorld defense themselves by saying “The killer whale habitat at SeaWorld Orlando, for example, encompasses more than 6 million gallons” (SeaWorld, pg.2). SeaWorld also states that they spend millions of dollars to keep all of the animals they facilitate comfortable and healthy." According to their sources SeaWorld holds killer whales which are healthy in muscle tone, strength and heart rate which says that the habitat built for them is not causing them any harm, health wise. They assure that the animals have exercise daily by having along wide habitat in which they can swim in. Swimming isn’t the only thing SeaWorld assures that the whales do for exercise, they also have the whales search for their food in areas they are not familiar with. This does not affect their normal eating routine. SeaWorld assures that they never starve any animals due to their behavior. These are just snacks which they get as a treat for good …show more content…
SeaWorld has plenty of experience with animals for about 50 years now and have had 30 years of experience with killer whales. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an organization which disagrees with SeaWorld completely and doesn’t agree with anything associated with them. PETA has accusations about the famous amusement park saying they inject them with drugs forcing them to do tricks in a small pool. SeaWorld has lost a lot of money by people believing these accusations so SeaWorld has made a website providing information with evidence and proof on how they treat their animals. Which is with care for them by providing millions of dollars’ worth of habitats and having trainers have years of school and training before working with them personally. SeaWorld says they provide careful treatment to these animals and will not purposefully do something to harm

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