Argument Against Same Sex Marriage Essay

1130 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
Against same sex marriage Everyday there is same sex marriage couples getting married in the united states , in my opinion marriage is for man and women who love eachother. Treating same sex couples equally and not having any thing to judge about is your opinion but I 'm here to tell you why I am against same sex marriage. Many Americans have a problem with same sex marriage when they allowed it in some states in the United States. God said a man and women is natural relationship for the life he made for us but same sex marriage is being against him when "he is the creator that made male and female for eachother" mattew 19:4-5. It all depends if you want to judge these same sex couples because they are against the words of god or you can treat them equally because that is the right thing you should as a person. The believe is said in the bible God made a man for women he believed they would unite and be as one, same sex is something to never believe in because he wouldn 't want this for you or us. In the United States there is four states that have not pass the law for same sex marriage because the people don 't in it and one of those states is Texas. The love between man and women is magical something same sex couples don 't know the feeling of a man and women being in love because it 's something beautiful they won 't ever understand and blind to see it. A natural marriage is the way…

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