Argument Against Gun Ban

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Though this is a valid point that could arise, it does not explain why the areas with a gun ban had increased crime that was so drastic as opposed to the rest of the U.S. whose crime rate decreased. These statistics show that gun bans are quite possibly one of the worst ways to protect citizens, they could, in actuality, put people in more danger because they prevent them from using a gun as an effective mode of self defense. Some gun control supporters misconstrue the problem as just being with the gun itself when the real problem is the person who is behind it. When someone ,who is responsible and has been trained with handguns, is put behind a gun it becomes a tool for self defense and not a weapon as it does with violent criminals. What a gun ban really is, is something limits the self defense of our nation's citizens and keeps them unprotected against those who wish them harm. It is improbable that a ban will prevent criminals from getting guns, they will however, keep a law abiding citizen from legally purchasing a self defense weapon. Banning guns gives citizens less of a chance to protect themselves. A gun is the most effective form of self defense, when someone is srtipped of their right to have that is leaves them vulnerable, this is another serious problem with gun control because it gives …show more content…
These bans are ineffective and hurt Americans more than they help them, which is the opposite of the purpose of these bans. They prevent citizens from having a useful tool in their home or on their person and puts them at a great risk for being fatally wounded by a criminal. Those who own a gun are personally responsible for their actions that involve it and should be held to a certain standard, there is no perfect answer to the dilemma to the person holding the gun but it is certain that banning guns is not the

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