Argument Against Aristotle 's Point Essay

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One argument against Aristotle 's point is that it is up to a suicidal person to determine how intense the pain they are feeling is. She is the only one who thoroughly understand what she is going through. Those who have had similar experiences may be able to empathize with her, but they will never be able to comprehend exactly what she is feeling. In that context, her desire to assuage her broken heart should put before her loved ones’ want for her to stay. If ending her own life is the only way she can end her pain, people should not interfere with her actions. After all, as Bentham said, one should do what maximizes happiness and minimizes suffering. She should not let what her peers expect of her affect her decision to stick around. She is the main character in the story of her life. Where she wants to go and what she wants to do is completely up to her. No matter how well others know her, they cannot feel the aches in her body and mind. It would not be right to have her friends and family to draw emotional conclusions for her.
While her loved ones may never have a grasp on how she feels, if they are genuine, they would be willing to help her out until she can handle the situation on her own. Her peace of mind should be put before anything else. However, it is not possible to experience feelings, whether they are bad or good, if she is unconscious with no chance of recovery. Heartache will soften with time if the right help is seeked. Even the worst of pain can be…

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