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Class Size Is a Major Factor in Contributing Academic Success
Critical Asses This Claim
Education is the most important factor in the human’s life and everyone in the world try to have education and gain knowledge to have better life peroid. It starts from the elementary, secondary, high school, college, and getting bachelor degree and then master degree and so on. A student in their academic life period goes through difference experiences and study different subjects on the different levels of classes. Therefore, there are many elements, which contribute to the academic success, among those the class size is also considered to be one of the important factors. The smaller the number of students in class, the more teachers can give time
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As well as, the teachers have more focus on students and their activities. Meanwhile, in the small size classes “the teachers have more focus on their students and encourage them to engage with the topic and have focus on their students whom are more struggler (Ehrenberg, R.G, Brewer)”. Although, there will be more quality and good results in terms of exams, quizzes in the small size classes. However, the disadvantages of the small size classes are that students will be away from being member of large students group to get and seek the different opinions and ideas and they will be more introverts, which mean they like to be alone in campus.
Secondly, in addition, the private academic sector to the government academic sector, they have a big difference in terms of class size. According to the some analyst shows that in some countries the government schools and universities, have larger size classes because it’s free for the civilians and the government tries to enroll more students in their schools and universities to get knowledge and omit the literacy in their country to have develop and peaceful country. As well as, the large size classes have disadvantages, “in the large size classes the teachers are unavailable to response the students short questions in the

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