Aretha Franklin Biography

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Born in 1942 as the daughter of C. L. Franklin and Barbara Singers, Aretha Franklin had a destiny of fame set out for her with her father being a renowned Baptist preacher and her mother a successful gospel singer. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, until she was six years old when her parents split, causing her and her four siblings to follow their father’s preaching assignments to Detroit, Michigan. Her father became a national preacher at New Bethel Baptist Church, while her mother passed away from a heart attack only four years after the split (, 2016).
Franklin got musically involved early on in her father’s traveling revival show, called C. L. Franklin Gospel Caravan, providing vocals and talent at the piano keys. While
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Despite being a woman of status and power, she still suffered from the same humiliations that any black woman at the time would have. Besides the two children before 16 years old, Aretha also struggled with an abusive father, a personal attachment to alcohol, body image issues, and the feeling that she was not in control of her life. Denial was the only way that Aretha was able to survive emotionally. Getting a start in her music career as a young female caused many producers and managers to seek control over her. Never being able to make decisions herself, Aretha felt that the only time she actually had control in her life was during a performance (Remnick, …show more content…
The influence that she had in the black community during the Civil Rights Movement set a new precedent for how powerful lyrics and voices could be used to unify groups of people. Being one of the most famous female singers in a musical era that was dominated by men, Ms. Franklin showed little girls that they can achieve their dreams no matter how crazy and out of reach they may seem to others. Aretha’s songs, as well as the rest of soul music, will always have an influence in the entertainment industry, whether it’s movies or music, for soul music was the foundation for modern day music. Songs will be covered by future artists and tributes will be made to those great artists who have since passed, but no matter what, we will never forget how to spell respect and never be afraid to dance in our chairs at work when Aretha’s voice booms through the

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