Are Your Friends Making You Fat? Essay

813 Words Nov 10th, 2015 4 Pages
In the article “Are your friends making you fat?” by Clive Thompson, published in the New York Times on September 13, 2009, Clive dives into the notion that your friends around you influence your lifestyle choices. Clive goes into detail about a 74-year-old has been planning a reunion for their high school and in every year a single guy has been gaining weight constantly until he was obese. When he turned obese he didn’t show up to the next reunion and they eventually figured out he died. The events stood out for Clive because he saw that the Bellolis were part of the Framingham Heat Study which was trying to find the root of heart disease. This study had found, from many willing participants, that behaviors good or bad were contagious between friends. They spread like a virus in friend groups such as if a friend was obese they seemingly infected the group with obesity. These findings seemingly proved the notion that your friends could be making you fat. These findings were very shocking to me when I initially read the article and made me rethink all of the concepts throughout the article.
The major points that this article brings up are very important points that will hopefully help many problems throughout the world. Clive Thompson bring up many things that are plaguing everyone throughout the world and it is something that must be studied. The influence of peers and the people around us is a huge part of everybody’s life and that it is something that needs to be learned…

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