Are You a Good Communicator Essay

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Are You A Good Communicator?
May 31, 2010 Abstract
Thinking that I am basically a good communicator, there is always room for improvement and skills development. Being in a position of authority can be a hindrance if one cannot learn the skills to manage others. Reading and understanding verbal and nonverbal skills will become a major factor in owning my own business. I never really had a problem reading nonverbal signs in relating to others. Prior employment and experience in interview and investigation techniques will need to be utilized in working with others in the field of business development. Symptomatic signs of avoidance, disinterest in conversation, lack of social networks and hobbies. People become engulfed with pre
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(The Richardson Company, August 2009).
Personally, this sometimes can feel like being a doormat to others. However, according to Covey, this is a trait to develop if one is to be effective in communications skills. Communication is only as effective as those involve in the interaction.
Taking responsibility for self-improvement has been a great asset in the past. I am an avid reader of self-help books. Currently, with the limitation of time, I must learn to develop the importance of business affiliations and associations. This will allow the ability to network with other professionals.
The best training and development would be to read and write to become more adept to the written skills of communication. Taking a concept and develop that idea into more specific details. Types of books that would benefit the growth and the interpersonal skills are interviewing clients. Dale Carnegie’s famous book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People has been a favorite book of mine. I attended a course back in the 80’s where we would develop public speaking assignments to present to the class. This helped in my development of public speaking and face to face conversations. Also, training in education, employment in customer service and working with the public has been a great

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