Are You What You Eat? Essay

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Are You What You Eat? As with many families who live in the South, southern food was the center of my household. Growing up in the south, I ate traditional southern comfort food daily. Foods such as mac and cheese, grits and fried chicken have been staples in my diet since I can first remember. As a 19-year-old now in college, memories of my mother at the stove making dinner circulate through my brain every time I eat these foods. I find myself always craving those meals when the stress of college becomes unbearable. To most everybody, the foods that were given to a person as a child are what they consider as a comfort food. Comfort foods are something different to everyone. These foods are coined to evoke feelings of warmth and carry a nostalgic sensation with them. Comfort foods are comforting, and that is what makes them so popular globally. This food group varies tremendously throughout the world, they help people feel happier; conversely, when people rely on comfort foods for happiness it can create a problem. In America, “Comfort food” is the first thing that people reach for in times of stress, however, people should take into consideration that what they are consuming effects how their body functions. Everybody has foods that they identify as their unique idea of comfort food. These foods vary from not only the origin but also from person to person. Comfort foods are a placed in a broad spectrum because they are most dependent on the childhood a person has had.…

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