Essay about Are You Know That Struggle?

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You know that struggle. You’re thinking one thing, but saying another. You want to stay at home and watch Netflix by yourself Friday night, but your group always goes out to party to kick off the weekend, so you have to go along and try to pretend you’re having fun. It’s Wednesday and you don’t want to wear pink, but you can’t sit with your friends if you don’t, so you begrudgingly obey the rule. You see your friends bullying the school nerd, but you can’t stop them, so you walk on by or even join in. In a world this judgmental, of course most everyone is going to pretend to be someone they aren’t in some way in order to fit in. Due to potential embarrassment, some people act differently than they are on the inside, all their lives. In their head, they could be a complete nerd, but in their actions they could be one of the cool kids who is always dressed in the hottest fashions. Someone could be struggling with life on the inside, but on the outside be the happiest person you’ve ever met. You don’t know what someone is going through. Everyone has their own inner thoughts and feelings, but everyone isn’t one hundred percent authentic. The world is filled with liars and pretenders and actors. This doesn’t make them bad however. Some people feel the need to hide some part of themselves in order to maintain a sense of privacy. Personally, I am completely contrasting with my inner and outer life. It isn’t due to embarrassment at who I am and what I’m actually thinking, but more…

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