Essay on Are You A Workaholic?

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Are you a workaholic? Do you know what a workaholic is? Some people truly are a workaholic but sometimes do not realize it. People tend to get so caught up in everyday life that they do not even notice things like this. In reality, being labeled as a workaholic is easy, even if it is not intended. People always have to give their families what they need. If that means working a 100 hour work week, then they will do it. This is an example of a person who is a workaholic so they can survive. Some workaholics are people who genuinely love their job and end up spending every waking moment there. A workaholic is a dedicated person to their job to such an extent, that they put it before anything else.

Workaholics have certain characteristics. There are two types of workaholics, some are voluntarily this way and others have been because of other various reasons. The workaholics who are voluntarily this way usually love their job. They are workaholics because they are doing something they enjoy, love the people they work with, and always do their best. The passion within these types of workaholics is unimaginable. They will go above and beyond for their job. This usually means putting friends and family behind their job. The characteristics of a person who is a workaholic out of necessity are drastically different. They do not have an enthusiastic approach, fire, or passion towards their job. This type of workaholic will work all the hours he or she can with a…

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