Are Women Portrayed in the Media? Essay

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English 1101-135
10 April 2012 Are Women portrayed in the media?
The highlight on the latter raises a larger question about the radicalized sexual images of women today. It is most likely the society that is bombarded by the media’s usage of advertisements, television, billboards, magazines and internet. We are surrounded by the images that most people don’t have. Reality shows and entertainment are emulated and are the common choices for teens today. They may seem like harmless amusing entertainment but take a closer look, and you’ll see that the way women are portrayed is far from the truth. This may seems to be a successful marketing tool for several sources but its ways of showing malicious actions.
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They restrain women in exhibits when they are portrayed negatively in the mass media. Men use their bodies as accessories in their videos to be hip or to make up for lack of creativity or talent. Women stew about narrow negative ways they are nearly always portrayed. They are either quick tempered and full of attitude like Tyler Perry’s Medea character, they are barely dressed, brazenly sexual are either dealing with family dysfunctions or in desperate need for fame and love. So why are women objectified and degraded in these ways? To put it succinctly, sex sells. Provocative images of partially clothed or naked women grab the viewer’s attention. Women become sexual objects when their bodies and sexuality is linked to products. They show that women are objects rather than human beings. Although women aim for the outgoing looks there are women who make a difference in a positive way.
Shows like Monique show, and the Oprah Winfrey show reveal the positive side and success that they have accomplished from coping. For instance Oprah and Monique experienced the same considerable hardship during their childhood, including being raped and becoming pregnant, but you don’t see them critical and mimicking audacious actions. They have actually become successful as for Oprah being the highest rank program and the richest women, and Monique a successful comedian and known actress from the movie “precious”. Although this

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