Essay about Are We Still Going For Alabama, Papa?

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“I know he didn 't, son; it was an accident, plain and simple. It ain 't anybody’s fault really. You boys are young and didn 't know to separate yourselves far enough apart to keep something like that from happening. I 'm home now and we 're going to be fine. You 'll be up and about in no time at all.”
“I think I 'm ready to get out of this here bed; Can you help me up to the table, Pa?” asked Uriah.
“Sure, I can, if you think you’re up to it,” said Henry. “We just don 't want you to rush it too fast and have to pay for it later.”
“Are we still going to Alabama, Papa?”
“Yes, Son, we’re still going. Georgia hasn 't showed me enough to keep me here for long; we 'll head to Alabama as soon as your mama is ready. She likes this place here- she told me the sheriff said that we can stay here as long as none of the Finley 's kinfolk come and claim the land. It won 't be ours, though, unless we file claims to it and I don‘t think that will happen. I don 't want to sink too much time into it, if you know what I mean.”
“Yes, Papa, I understand. A man that has his own land and a family, has something worth working for, right?”
“That 's right son; he sure does,” Henry smiled. “Now, let 's get in there and eat, before your mama gets mad at us for making her wait any longer.” As Henry helped Uriah into the dining room, he said, “The best part of this day is that we get to eat all them fine vittles, your mama 's been cooking for us.”
Before Henry and Jeremiah arrived, Charity had…

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