Essay about Are We Really Independent?

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I was thinking about myself as to who am I ? When I self-introspected a bit, I realised that like every individual I am a person who loves independence. But when I actually looked outside, I found that this independence is a figment of our imagination. One question that came to my mind was that even after several years of independence, are we really Independent ?
During the formative years, I was under the guidance of my parents and was totally dependent on them. Their influenced has made me what I am today ! When I grew up and went to school, I was bounded by the rules and regulations. The same was applicable even for the college. At every point of time, I remember the quote, “Man is born free but lives in chains”. That time people
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The society is surrounded by corruption and corrupt politicians. People are killing each other for no reason. Crime rates have increased and people are no longer feeling safe. Soon I realized that everything was not as good as I thought it to be, forget about being united and independent, even relationships aren’t valued anymore. People are ready to sell their families for the sake of money or even go to the extent of killing them for their own needs. Although people say that the nation is free from slavery but still, it exists in different forms. Out of which, the problem of child labor is very severe , children are abused and forced to beg.
The society is also facing the problem of unemployment. People are dying of hunger as they can’t even afford 2 meals a day. Due to lack of education, women have been the most affected and been going through all the suffering and pain. They have been never considered at par with men, always been looked down upon.
Even today, bribery is still in existence. Everyone is aware of the fact that practicing of dowry is bad and not right but still, it is widely accepted and followed at all levels.
We call ourselves independent and educated, then why can’t we break this conservatism? We are still much dependent on the political system which keeps people illiterate so that votes can be controlled easily. We need to depend on one another for our needs!
Each one of us has been

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