Are We Human Beings? Essay examples

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Are we human beings?
I have asked this question from a myself a million times. It has been 2 days since I watched something that has boggled my mind upside down. So I decided to understand the real meaning of the word ‘Human’ and ‘Being’.
Interestingly, I found that the meaning of the word ‘being’ is existence.

Now, I asked myself another question. Do we really care about ‘our’ existence?

On a fine Saturday afternoon in Beijing, I decide to write about my feelings after I watched a documentary day before yesterday named ‘Before the Flood’ made by a famous actor and an infamous ‘Human Being’, Leonardo DiCaprio. I have never been a fan of actors. Since, I believe that such famous personalities have a moral responsibility towards making our planet a better place and having such immense fan following is the best way to inspire people to take actions towards making this planet a better place. However, there are very few who do that. Leonardo utilize the stage after winning an Oscar Award to highlight the importance of the same. It makes me wonder, How many more stages and famous personalities do we need to engage everyone towards Climate Change?
It has been 2 nights since I watched the documentary and I haven’t been able to sleep properly. Adding to this chaos was my VPN (a requirement to access youtube in China) while watching it and whats follows post this is a wrestling game between me and the VPN since it keeps getting disconnected every 5 minutes. So, I spent over 2 and a…

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