Essay about Are We Heading For A Four Party Moment?

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“Are we heading for a four-party moment?” Analysis The article “Are we heading for a four-party moment?” written by Charles Lane a Post editorial writer, specializing in economic policy, federal fiscal issues and business, and a contributor to the PostPartisan blog. He writes this article to show that our society has pretty much became four parties. In his thesis he questions “might we be headed towards another four-party moment?” (Lane, par.5), which he replies yes. In his article he talks about how he there are many different views and opinions in our society so we shouldn’t be limited to two options. He states that “the usual method of co-optation by which Republican and Democratic politician have maintained cohesion within their respective big tents are proving remarkably ineffective.” (Lane, par.15) Which shows why he thinks that if we had four parties we would have a better possibility of having candidates with more realistic ideas, which we can’t have with only two candidates. Now while the article does struggle with logos, it does well with pathos and has a neutral ethos which makes it an effective argument.
Lane did struggle more with his logos. The main claim of the argument is that we should have four parties instead of two. The argument is pretty clear because he gives reasons to support his argument. There are two main reasons which are “at length produced a sorting-out of Americans into conflicting and sometimes hostile political, social, and geographical…

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