Are We Free Within Society?! Essay

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For me, I find that there are two different answers to the question: “Are we free within Society?” - and that there are many variations, with thanks to culture, socialization, social interaction and social structure. For the most part I find freedom all around. I'll give some examples of that and show some areas where I see other's struggle with finding a sense of freedom, whether it be external or within.

First, what is freedom? It's an ambiguous term that can hold many different meanings to different people. Where a person comes from, their socio-economic status, their race, age, gender and other factors play a role in defining what freedom is. It's used in many different senses, for example: is freedom being able to do as you like
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I think in today's society we are more open to change and difference.

How much freedom does a homosexual person have when it comes to their sexuality? Certainly as much as anyone else but for the individual this varies drastically per their own learned ideals, their culture, their families outlook on it and the experiences they have had. For those that are homosexual, the risk of “coming out”, can either be very easy or one they hide all their lives. I see much younger generations now, unafraid of what people may think about their sexuality. Conversely I know families that have a homosexual father or mother, who didn't make it known that they were gay, until the kids were much older.

My childhood best friend has five brothers and sisters. They had the biggest house on the block. They were wealthy beyond all recognition and the parents seemed happy. When I was twenty, so about ten years ago, I heard her parents were divorcing. Dad moved out. The next thing I know, when she had her first child three years ago, was that Dad came with a male friend. Okay, I for some reason immediately knew it was his boyfriend. Never the less, I had questions of how life was for him living with a beautiful family, I'm positive he loved every moment of, but really wanting that family with a man, instead of a woman? Did he not feel free to choose a man thirty-five years ago? If not, what enabled him to feel free to be with the man he loves now?

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