Are We Essentially Good Or Bad Essay

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Register to read the introduction… If humans are discriminatory from birth then it is quite evident that we are born to be essentially bad and conditioned through life by society to become better. Whereas there is an abundance of evidence to support why humans are essentially bad there is also enough evidence to argue that people may be essentially good. One of many arguments that could be made is based on the views of philosopher Peter Singer. Some individuals may wonder why we would donate money to organizations when we are not aware how much of the donation will be swallowed by administrative costs as well as what exactly will be given to those in need. Even if a majority of the donations were not used appropriately, the small significance it has on us does not compare to the existential benefits that it would have on those in need. Therefore if we are essentially good human beings why would individuals choose to make excuses to do good acts of kindness? Another argument that could be presented is that Thomas Hobbes views nearly nullify that of Jean Jacques Rousseau’s as Rousseau pointed out that the native tribes were noble savages that collaborated and cooperated as hunter gatherers. Many may find Rousseau’s outlook to be more appealing although it lacks the amount

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