Are We Caught Into A Snack Trap? Essay

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Are We Caught in a Snack Trap?
If you have been to a children’s museum or really anywhere with children lately I guarantee you have see more than a few kids munching away on some form of snack or another. Children crying out “Can I have a Snack?” and parents digging through diaper bags and backpacks looking for a morsel to calm the savage beast. Over-snacking has become such an engrained part of our culture that parents now days often don’t even notice how out of control it has gotten. Everywhere we look parents are exposed to the reinforcement that kids need snacks to be healthy. Our emails are dinging with requests to bring a snack to sports practices, school parties, girl scouts, field trips the sky is the limit! Strollers and car seats now have snack trays and cup holders. Grocery stores offer up cookies and fruit to children to pacify them while their parent shops. Over-snacking is everywhere and so are the effects it is having on our children. Over-snacking, when children are given snacks with no schedule or bases on hunger or nutritional needs, is impacting the health of our nations children.According to a study published in last month 's Health Affairs, American children are consuming nearly three snacks a day, on average, in addition to three regular meals. The research, which looked at data on more than 31,000 young people between the ages of 2 and 18 from four federal diet surveys done between 1977 and 2006, also found that up to 27 percent of children 's…

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