Are Video Games Good For You? Essay

2254 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 10 Pages
Are Video Games Good For You? Not many people understand the benefits of video games, because those people have never played them. Some get frustrated when playing, but frustration just requires one to learn how to play. Each game is different and requires different skills, some are reflex, memory, problem solving, or simply role playing games. Video games have been on a slow incline throughout the years. With popularity rising developers have produced better graphics, stories, and gameplay by the year. “Today 97% of teens in the U.S. play video games, and …the domestic video game industry brings in nearly $12 billion a year” (Norcia). Many people assume that only adolescence play video games, but actually “the average age of a gamer is 33 years old” (TEDTalks, Daphne Bavelier). Video games have a much different impact than tv does, or simply watching movies. “…Video games require players to pay constant attention to the game. Players engage on a deeper level—physically and emotionally…”(Norcia). With this much attention being gripped by an alternate reality, many question the drawbacks to playing. Truth be told, there are more positive aspects than there are negative. Video games cannot only improve one 's intelligence, but it can improve one 's sight, improve decision making, improve dyslexia disorders, improve one’s occupational desires , also improving the system of slowing down age processing. “To better understand how video games affect the brain, German…

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