Are Vegetarians Healthier Than Meat? Essay

1198 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
Touching back on the aforementioned utopia where poverty does not exist and every single person on the planet can afford to not eat meat, one would typically expect that the entire population would be healthy. And why would they not be? Study after study shows that vegetarians are healthier than the typical meat eating person, but why is that? Most vegetarians are in fact healthier than the typical meat-eater, but it is not simply because they are vegetarian, rather it is their lifestyle. The studies that show vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters are predisposed to the “healthy user bias” – the terminology for people who engage in one behavior that is perceived as healthy (whether it is or not) and who are more likely to engage in other behaviors that are healthy (Silverman 681-82). For instance, vegetarians tend to be more mindful of their health in comparison to the average person in the general population; hence, they are less likely to partake in activities such as smoking or drinking excessively, and are more likely to exercise, eat fruits and vegetables and take care of themselves (Baines 439-40).
Therefore, rather than comparing the typical meat consumer that tends to be less mindful of their health with the typical vegetarian that tends to be more mindful of their health, there should be a comparison of vegetarians with meat-eaters who are equally mindful of their health habits. Although this point is often ignored by adamant vegetarians, there are fortunately…

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